Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A Great Hymn with one Bozo line

The third stanza of Henry Tweedy's hymn, O Spirit of the Living God, contains a Bozo line - one line that makes me cringe every time I read it.
Teach us to utter living words of truth which all may hear,
The language all may understand when love speaks loud and clear;
Till every age and race and clime shall blend their creeds in one,
And earth shall form one family by whom Thy will is done.
A creed is a set of beliefs. In this stanza we are praying that God will forward our efforts of syncretism. Maybe one day we'll be a Methodist, the next a Buddhist, the next a Muslim, and so on. Of maybe we'll just be good Americans and go to the Reilgion Cafeteria and pick what we are attracted to at the moment while we let everyone else pick what they want. If I want spinach salad and you want jello, no big deal. If reality is a particular way whether I like it or not (and it sures seems like it is), then this avoidance of the issue of truth will be quite dangerous. - just like it is dangerous for drivers (and riders) to think that the laws of physics wouldn't apply to their bodies (in motion) in a wreck. Why wear a seat belt if you're the exception to the rule (opinion?) that a "body in motion tends to stay in motion."?


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