Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Making Something or Finding ready made

Sometimes I wish I would be snet to pastor a church that is already everything it should be. So often I feel like I have to start over from scratch, especially in terms of basic teaching. Every church I've been to takes hard work. We can't just coast. Sometimes I envy those non-pastors who can go out and just find a church that is already where it should be (in their opinion), one that has ministries and programs their kids are excited about participating in.

But there is a part of me (I think it's bigger than the other part), that takes great joy in making something - in the act of creating something that wasn't there before. Of course this has a double challenge. I not only have to lead my congregation in such a way that we become what we can be (what God wants) but also to lead my people to want to become co-creators and not settle for just running over to the local baptist church (they always seem to have more money & resources & young people) or to the next town (always a little - or a lot - bigger).

I like the idea that God made us to be co-creators with him.


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