Monday, July 18, 2005

Praying for Eritrea

Both Marxist & Islamic countries have a heritage of persecuting Christians. If you've read anything by Solzhenitsyn, Brother Andrew, Richard Wurmbrand, et al., you know how brutal oppression was under the Communists - inspite of claiming freedom of religion. Most of the communist givernments have fallen (failed) and have been replaced by something less antogonistic. China and North Korea remain - both repressive, though the latter much more so than the former (due to less paranoia?). In Africa, Eritrea remains governed by Marxist principles. Those principles dictate that Christians are parasites and dangerous to society and must be "dealt with." If intimidation doesn't work, then they use torture. If torture doesn't work, then murder. Read the article linked in the title for the latest on persecution in Eritrea and for guidance on how to respond.


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