Monday, September 12, 2005

Rhetorical problems

It is Senator Pat Leahy's turn to climb onto the pedestal that is the Confirmation Hearings of John Roberts. (Why U.S. Senators need the extra time on the pedestal, I do not know)

In his speech, which is still going on, he referred to the relief efforts on the gulf coast. He said that, among other things, this disaster has shown the "growing poverty" of many in this country.

Excuse my ignorance, but how have these past two weeks shown that poverty as a problem is growing? Did Sen. Leahy do a double-blind peer-reviewed study with a variety of cities over a couple of decades to reach his conclusions?

It is just rhetoric, you may say. But someone way get hold of that statement, and quote the "authority" of the U.S. Senate that poverty is growing. I know it is a bold claim that will, no doubt, fall on deaf ears. but could we not ask all our politicians and leaders to be careful what they say?


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