Friday, November 11, 2005

He doesn't speak for God or for me

It is time for Pat Robertson to retire. It is at least time for someone to take away his microphone. The AP reports that Mr. Robertson warned Dover, Pennsylvania that God has rejected them.

Why does Mr. Robertson think God has turned his back on Dover? On Tuesday Dover voted out of office all eight school board members. The Dover school board had tried to introduce intelligent design theory into science classes.

Intelligent Design (ID) is the theory that the complexity of the universe implies some intelligence behind its design; that it didn't "just happen." Critics of ID consider it dressed up scientific creationism. ID proponents, of course, deny this.

I have commented on ID before. Richard also blogged on the matter. I have no intention of commenting in ID, evolution, creation, or any other theory here.Here I am more concerned with Pat Robertson than with how the world came to be.

I am confident God brought the universe into existence. I am wondering, at the moment, why he brought Pat into existence.

NEWSFLASH: Townfolk of Dover and everywhere: God has not forsaken and will not forsake you depending on your vote for school board or based on your understanding of origins.


Blogger Richard H said...

I wish Pat would just go away. I wonder how someone with such a poor rhetorical sense ever made it as far as he did.

9:47 PM  

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