Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Why is it that publishing companies shell out bucks to pastors of mega-churches to write books in which they say "it isn't about numbers or buildings, it is about people;" yet the only reason these individuals are paid to write these books is that they have built huge buildings and attracted massive numbers of people?


Blogger Revwilly said...

You don't know the answer? Could it be that they have huge crowds and big buildings because they are about people? Do you think publishers should shell out big bucks for pastors of small churches to write books about how to have small crowds and small buildings?

2:05 PM  
Blogger Steve Heyduck said...

Since 80% of United Methodist Churches have 200 or fewer members, it seem s to me it would be helpful to have pastors who are leading effective ministries in small churches and small buildings offer insights, wisdom, and support for others....

9:06 PM  

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