Sunday, July 24, 2005

Today's Sermon - How Much is Enough?

I've uploaded an MP3 of today's message, "How Much is Enough?" It's based on Luke 14:25-35 and asks how much prayer, bible engagement, giving, forgiving, love and commitment are enough. My suggestion is that before we answer these questions for ourselves we note that when Jesus asked that question of the Father in relation to us, it cost him his life.


Blogger Jim F said...

Richard, I certainly agree with your assessment of this subject. Jesus paid it all. All to Him we owe. Sin left a crimson stain. He washed it white as snow. Jesus paid a debt He did not owe I owed a debt I could not pay. I needed someone to wash my sins away. Now I sing a brand new song Amazing Grace. Jesus paid a debt that I could NEVER pay.

Jim F
McGregor, Tx

7:26 PM  

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