Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Validating Windows

About a month ago my computer was going haywire. I'd scanned for viruses and hadn't found anything, so I decided to try Microsoft's tool for spyware detection and removal. When I went to the MS site, I discovered I would have to have my installation of Windows "validated." Seemed pretty simple & straightforward. I'd bought my Compaq machine at Best Buy and it had the little MS Windows sticker on the case. But it wasn't so simple. The validation test came out negative. The site then suggested I do manual validation, which required entering the multi digit code on my sticker. Again - failure. So I called Best Buy. They couldn't help me. I called MS. They couldn't do anything for me - other than send out vibes they thought I was a software pirate.

Today I tried validating again. No problem at all.

So what did I learn? Sometimes the validation doesn't work and it's due to no fault of the machine or the operator. MS and its systems are imperfect (no, I already knew that - it's just a statement of fact). If you try validating your installation and it doesn't work - and should - try again another day and see what happens.


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