Wednesday, December 14, 2005

O.M.G. (Oh My Galileo)

Don’t you hate it when people make all sorts of religious claims that they can’t back up? Do you wonder, even marvel on occasion about how many people have made radical change in their lives on the basis of some alleged “truth”?

It is the modern way, after all, to base our lives entirely on claims that can be proven. This is why we have learned to trust in science rather than God.
*(editorial adjustment - I am not intending to villify science or scientists here, but rather want to challenge the pulpit from whence American Culture would have science be the preacher)

Houston, we have a problem.

This week’s Journal of the American Medical Association reports a Harvard study that concluded that “a high intake of foods such as cereals, fruits and vegetables did not lower colon cancer risk.” Why, we have known for years that a diet high in fiber would reduce the risk of colon cancer! How did we know this? Scientists told us.

Oh My Galileo! What are we to do? Perhaps last year’s science did not have the last word on how we ought to live.

Neither did last year’s religion. In fact, there is a sense in which the last word on how we ought to live was uttered nearly 2000 years ago by Jesus when he said “Go thou and do likewise.”

Then again, there is a sense in which we have to keep on re wording that for other people to hear. Or, even better, perhaps if we were actually to “go and do likewise,” the debate between science and religion might actually become interesting rather than bitter.


Blogger Mark said...

That study did show that low fiber intact (lowest 10%) increased your risk of colon cancer, but that high fiber didn't lower it. Don't chuck the bran cereals quite yet.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Steve Heyduck said...

By no means! Bran still has many health benefits. But one that was alleged has been discounted (at least for now). When even a subsidiary claim is made as connected to a faith, some are willing to chuck the entire faith system. Not so with the health science/medical industrial complex? Why not?

9:41 PM  

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